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Leaders in Additive Manufacturing Design & Development

Conflux Technology is an Advanced Manufacturing operation focussed on the design, development and serial production of parts utilising direct metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. 

We have 30 years of AM design and development experience, and over 15 years of experience within the engineering departments of world leading automotive motorsport organisations such as Mercedes F1, BMW F1 and Honda F1. 

Our team of experts can help your business realise the potential of metal AM technology.


Experts in AM Supply Chain Transformation

Manufacturing is changing rapidly. Leading organisations are embracing the unique capabilities of AM to improve product performance and innovation speed, and gain competitive advantage. However, integrating AM into existing process poses considerable challenges for those without existing expertise.

Conflux Technology works with organisations through pain-point identification, solution ideation, concept development and selection, engineering design and simulation, prototype production and validation testing, so they can realise the power of AM.

Below is a primary example of the disruptive power of AM. Using the geometric freedoms of AM, Conflux Technology designed and patented a high surface area density to volume ratio, compact heat exchanger with considerable performance and numerous industry applications.

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Conflux CoreTM Heat Exchanger

The next generation in heat exchange technology


Realise the Potential of AM

With Conflux Technology

Conflux Technology is opening calls for people and organisations to embrace the power of AM. We're particularly interested in working with industry leaders who are:

  • Passionate about innovation
  • Identify AM as a key opportunity
  • Keen to leverage our considerable consulting, design and innovation expertise


The Opportunity
This technology presents an incredible opportunity for those who value superior product performance, innovation speed and efficiency. We look forward to helping you realise the potential of AM for your organisation.  


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