We bring unrivalled expertise in the operation of powder bed metal AM machines, and the optimisation of the parameter sets that drive them

We currently perform our work on EOS GmbH printing technology and utilise a complete range of ancillary, post processing and inspection equipment. All of this housed in our brand new, state of the art manufacturing facility.


The benefits of our AM application engineering methodology can include:

  • Geometry specific laser exposure strategies
  • Material specific laser exposure strategies
  • Ultra-thin wall and small feature distances
  • Optimised part density
  • Improved surface finish
  • Risk-reduced path to manufacture

Our advantage

We leverage our design and simulation capabilities to ensure AM applications are developed in the shortest timeframe and to the the highest quality. Our PhD qualified application engineers work directly with our clients to ensure the AM applications developed exceed expectations, and ensure the AM applications we develop meet the brief.  

Our process

Our application engineers are involved from ideation to post-production support. Their input at the design stage is instrumental in delivering the highest quality AM solutions early in the development process. 

Parameter sets are developed for solution specific geometries and materials. Our application engineers work with clients to ensure part quality and process certification.