Cost efficiency is always a big topic, and for our clients, particularly right now. Conflux Technology-designed heat exchangers create cost efficiency for various reasons across many different industries and applications from industrial applications like motorsports to aerospace, automotive, energy and more.

We design from first principles to create new solutions with a range of enhancements, only possible through additive manufacturing.


We find cost efficiencies by re-designing heat exchangers, produced through additive manufacturing

Smaller/conformal shape - Conformal shapes enable you to free up the premium space within your system/platform or to utilise dead space previously not considered. These new possibilities allow a range of benefits; better aerodynamics, enhanced fuel efficiency, increased speed, fewer parts etc.

Combining of ear

- We look at your engineering system holistically. Perhaps you can combine parts (imagine combing 5 parts into a single part for example). This approach allows you to achieve both of the above points. Reducing part count also helps to achieve efficiencies in production and manufacture.

Higher performance - Improve the manner in which your operating system deals with waste heat, and you can improve the performance and speed of your system.

Lighter weight - Every gram counts in aircraft or motorsport. Less weight, less fuel = cost saving."

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