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Our new EOS M300 with Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology is a significant step forward in production.

The M300 allows for larger build volume, faster print times and superior reliability through its improvements to its layout, functionality, hardware and software. The M300 is considered a large-format machine with a 50% increase in build volume over its predecessor.

The features of the M300 are numerous but all of these improvements equate to a specialty machine specifically made for stable, reliable serial production for high volume orders. It has 4x lasers which can simultaneously work on any area of the powder bed at the same time - a new and powerful feature for reducing build time. For example - if a part has an isolated section of its build, all lasers can work on it, each laser is not limited to a single working quadrant.

Other awesome features:
-A gas-flow-optimised process chamber with the EOSSYSTEM SmartCal calibration tool ensures the highest possible build quality and keeps the quality repeatable every time.
-A new permanent lifetime filter, that optimises uptime.
-A double recoating which reduces build time.
-A new cast frame design to ensure stability. A new interface EOSCONNECT which focuses on job management/process monitoring.

Creating a successful heat exchanger in additive manufacturing requires more than an exceptional machine to do your builds. A deep understanding of heat transfer mixed with a mastery of the LPBF process from both an overall systems perspective and in-depth metallurgical knowledge is required. Our team expertise lies in a unique combination of AM design, computational heat transfer simulation and AM process knowledge.

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