We maintain control at every step. Intellectual property and the solutions that drive innovation in additive manufacturing are all developed in-house. Each project is met with appreciation for its intricacies, knowledge is deepened with each project and product we manufacture. Leveraging our expertise, our customers yield the benefits at each stage.

Vertical integration, of course, also allows us to streamline your project and expedite the outcome. We achieve this by operating with ‘cross-functional teams’, our close-knit teams can evolve designs with support, open doors, familiarity, and confidence that each sector is capable.

Our deeper engagement and a wider understanding of our customers' needs result in faster outputs and better outcomes, (especially when compared to a reseller of someone else’s products or a less experienced team). Our customers have access to the very person who is developing their project, being able to communicate directly with any team.

When it comes to pioneering technology, vertical integration is a must-have. The benefits to our customers are both immediate and obvious; faster outcomes with better results.

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