What is Order of Priority and why is it important?

As AM Heat Exchanger engineers, our approach is based on superseding incumbent performance and extracting the absolute most from AM technology. This means going back to the fundamentals, understanding and developing the ‘order of priority’ based on the needs of the heat exchange application at hand.

When developing a bespoke heat exchanger for a specific customer, we put in order, the characteristics that are most important to optimise, and in doing so maximise performance for your HX. Is a reduction in part size or a reduction in weight the most important element for your heat exchange application? If so, then design decisions will prioritise this requirement and then balance the subsequent priorities while maintaining the specified performance targets.

Prioritising one characteristic often means that a lower order characteristic may not be able to be optimised to the same extent. This is why establishing your order of priority is so important in achieving the best performance outcome. In AM, the scope for performance enhancement across multiple characteristics is very wide. Another fundamental is that the internal geometries of a Conflux-designed heat exchanger offer significant performance increases in heat transfer and pressure drop for a given volume. This is because we are able to do what topological software and design typically cannot - elevate and tailor heat exchanger performance to suit our customer’s or a particular market’s order of priority.

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