Minimal weight + maximum heat transfer + low pressure drop = high efficiency

Aerospace and Additive Manufacturing

Aerospace companies have been quick to identify the advantages of AM (Additive Manufacturing) and adopt it as a process. Initially, it allowed for the shortening of development time with form, fit and functional tests. Then, as the technology matured aerospace companies were able to validate AM and build up a database on both materials and process. The notion of certifying airworthy AM components is now a compelling option.

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Benefits to aerospace

Part Consolidation

Conflux develops solutions that reduce the number of parts in sub-assemblies. By removing part interfaces and combining multiple parts into a monolithic AM structure, we remove failure points that can result from brazing, welding, bonding or bolting parts together. This can lead to an increase in the mean time between failures alongside an increase in the performance of parts

Shorter development process and time to market

Conflux realises faster development cycles through application “sprints” that bring together design engineers, thermo-fluid engineers and AM experts into cross-disciplinary teams. For our customers, this means initial results sooner informing development directions and ultimately faster speed to market in comparison to traditional manufacturing processes. Conflux builds and test parts as part of these “sprints”.

Higher Performance

With traditional manufacturing processes, developing topologically optimised designs is extremely challenging due to the complex shapes and the inherent limitations of the conventional manufacturing processes.

In contrast, Conflux’s mastery of AM and heat transfer allows for greater flexibility in both design and manufacturing, leading to significant performance advantages.

Lighter weight

Being able to design and manufacture lightweight components is a key driver for the adoption of AM in the aerospace industry. Here at Conflux, we have designed and produced lighter weight, higher performing parts to help our customers achieve their weight savings targets without sacrificing performance. Our development of high performance heat exchangers shows that the combination of AM expertise, simulation and design experience, is necessary to exceed customer requirements for weight reduction.

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