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Oil, Gas and Additive Manufacturing

The oil and gas industry has realised considerable value by exploring the benefits of AM. As the oil and gas industry seeks to increase system efficiencies through process intensification, minimise environmental impacts and run the race of innovation based competition.

At Conflux we are applying our mastery of AM and heat transfer technologies to the development of cutting edge heat exchange solutions specifically for this globally significant industry.

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Conflux creates Oil and Gas AM solutions to boost performance

Oil and gas companies necessarily use large heat exchangers in order to meet their performance needs. Problems with lead times and customisation result. Using AM technology, Conflux develops high performance solutions to these problems with our rapid development process. Our solutions are deployed in scalable arrays and are flexible from both packaging and performance optimisation stand points.

Rapid part supply

Lead times in the oil and gas market tend to be long, which can result in exorbitant costs when parts fail and systems are forced to shut down. To overcome this, many companies opt to have spare parts sitting in their inventory that may never be used, degrading as they sit in storage.

This can all change with AM, as parts are manufactured on demand near the point of use, disrupting global supply chains and enabling companies to streamline their spare parts inventories.

Complex Geometries

Oil and gas market players are continually seeking to intensify their processes to improve efficiencies. AM gives Conflux the freedom to create complex geometries that provide increased performance, lighter weight, and smaller components.

We have designed and produced scalable arrays of modular heat exchangers that offer step improvements in performance while being smaller, lighter and inherently flexible. This in turn offers advantages to a range of applications in this industry, such as reducing the volumetric footprint required in offshore platforms where each cubic meter is at a premium.

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