Conflux Automotive Cartridge Compact Heat Exchanger

Embed a high performance, compact 3D printed core where heat exchange is needed

Engineered to excel

A complex, compact core delivers low pressure drop and high heat transfer
Integrated heat exchange

Embedded thermal transfer lowers plumbing volume, performance impact and risk
Flexible additive technology

Rapidly configured and optimized to your specific fluid and packaging requirements
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Automotive Cartridge Heat Exchanger

The Conflux Cartridge embeds a 3D printed core into your part or housing, placing compact, high performing thermal transfer where it’s needed.

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Additive manufactured core - geometries and microstructures

Conflux Cartridge AM heat exchangers outperform competitive technologies, delivering lower pressure drop and higher heat transfer.

AM micro-structures and internal geometries permit exacting control of the ratio of surface area presented to each fluid to maximise heat transfer and optimise turbulence and pressure drop.

Structural features are also active surfaces, minimizing dead space and increasing performance by volume.


Integrated cartridge heat exchangers enable thermal transfer closer to the point of heat generation within a system, reducing fluid transport and resultant pressure drop, plumbing and leakage risk.

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Flexible additive technology

Conflux AM cartridges offer configuration to available space and packaging constraints to replace existing cartridges or efficiently into your new system. The core is sized to the specific fluids and performance priorities.

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Conflux’s Automotive Cartridge heat exchanger is the latest of our configurable products.

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Rapid configuration

The Conflux Cartridge, like all Conflux heat exchanger products, is designed to be configured. Conflux can deliver a test part to you quickly utilising our rapid sizing process, based on your boundary conditions.

For solutions with unique challenges, Conflux offers enhanced product development services. Utilising our patented Conflux CoreTM technology we adapt designs to your specific application.

For a walk through of our product offerings and process, get in touch with our team to learn more.

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