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Ultra-high performance and efficient heat transfer technology

Configurable heat exchangers built by additive manufacturing technology to meet your boundary conditions and targets

Configurable Products

Rapid configuration to meet your specific boundary conditions and targets.

Serial Production

Vertically integrated proprietary process backed by AS 9100D certification.

Applied R&D

Custom parameter development and material characterization incorporated into every product.

“The Conflux team has impressively demonstrated how well it understands metal AM technology. Complex structures in challenging environments require not only the highest standard of machine technology to produce parts, but also the best engineering skills to design the right products.”

Arno Held, Chief Venture Officer, AM Ventures

Newest Product

Conflux’s cold plate heat sink

Conflux’s cold plate heat sink is ultra-lightweight and can conform to any cooling system.

Thermal solutions for any industry

Aerospace Thermal Solutions

Cutting-edge heat transfer tailored for aviation, space systems, and advanced air mobility. Solve temperature challenges and optimize performance, backed by AS 9100D certification. Learn more

Automotive & Motorsports Thermal Solutions

Revolutionize automotive and motorsports performance with advanced thermal solutions, optimizing efficiency, safety, and performance through cutting-edge temperature management technologies. Learn more

Defence Thermal Solutions

State-of-the-art thermal technologies that deliver performance, durability, and reliability by effectively managing thermal challenges in diverse defense systems and equipment. Learn more

Electric Vehicles Thermal Solutions

Innovative heat exchangers to manage heat in electric vehicles, ensuring optimal performance, battery efficiency, and passenger comfort through cutting-edge thermal management systems and solutions. Learn more

Energy Thermal Solutions

Robust heat transfer technology for temperature management to meet efficiency, safety, and equipment requirements. Learn more

Electronics and Advanced Manufacturing Thermal Solutions

Cutting-edge temperature control in electronic devices and components to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and longevity for electronic applications. Learn more