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Our mission - Pioneering thermal technology

We use additive manufacturing to make high performance heat exchangers for all industries; delivering reliable products that are lighter and more efficient. We take your thermal performance needs and produce game-changing outcomes with our unique technology.

By leveraging the design freedoms that AM (additive manufacturing) provides, we create cutting-edge heat transfer solutions for customers across the globe. With vertically integrated operations we are the experts at every step of the way.

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Conflux Products:
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Cold Plate technology

Air to Liquid heat exchangers

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Our latest case studies

How we began

In 2015 Conflux emerged from the innovation hotbed of European F1 motorsport. This is where our founder, Michael Fuller, worked for more than 15 years as a senior engineer, designing championship-winning Formula One, World Rally and Le Mans prototype race cars.

Operating in such a demanding industry – and experiencing the restrictions of heat exchanger performance – pushed Michael to think beyond the traditional boundaries of thermal technology. He devised a concept for utilising metal additive manufacturing (AM) to fundamentally reimagine the design, manufacture and performance of heat exchangers moving forward. In 2017 Conflux delivered its first patented AM heat exchanger (shown top left) and changed the future of heat exchange technology forever.

Drawing from the lessons of professional motorsport, Conflux now works across many industries and applications, pushing the limits of heat transfer and additive manufacturing, and creating part geometries unique to this technology. Our expanding team means we’ve sought out the most brilliant minds in key areas of specialty to support our mission to create further advanced technologies that perform – and are – better.

Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Conflux Cartridge heat exchanger -  a complex 3D printed core, that can be embedded in a traditionally manufactured part or casing

CASE STUDY: Our first patented design, designed for F1 - the very first design we patented in 2015, and the story of Conflux's beginnings 

CASE STUDY: Developing Annular heat exchangers - cutting-edge Conflux Core technology

Our values

Our values underpin the way we do business and are the lens through which we evaluate ourselves. We uphold our values in macro business considerations and micro human interactions.

We’re able to do this because we have a highly skilled and experienced team with shared values that underscore our everyday work.

This is a cornerstone of what we do. As pioneers, we must be creative in all our endeavours – challenging tradition, pushing beyond what is possible, and idealising originality and innovation.

We strive for excellence and refuse to accept mediocrity. By putting our individual and collective egos aside, we use feedback and constructive criticism to help drive this excellence.

The relationships we build with our customers and stakeholders foster a foundation of trust. We trust that our company mission and values will guide the best decisions, behaviours and outcomes.

We do what we say we will. This means aiming for the best possible outcome for the customer and Conflux. All aspects of our business focus on strength, adaptability and the ethics of the future.

Our different positions and strengths make us more than the sum of parts. We listen mindfully; seeking to understand, not queuing to speak. Ideas are challenged but never the person.

Through respect for each other, Conflux produces excellence. We are there to help each other when under pressure as an organised, respectful and progressive entity.

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With experience working with aerospace primes, Conflux understands your design, certification and qualification needs. Learn more

Automotive & Motorsports

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Part obsolescence, efficiency gains, endurance and lower manufacturing costs - address these anymore with an AM solution. Learn more

Electric Vehicles

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Energy, Oil and Gas

Our energy customers reap significant savings by intensifying the heat transfer process that is critical to new energy. For Oil and Gas, our scalable array deployment solutions rise to this challenge. Learn more

Electronics and Advanced Manufacturing

High performance cooling in the smallest possible part is essential to computing. Access conformal parts and reduce weight and size. Learn more