Our mission is simple – to pioneer thermal technology.

Our values

We’re able to do this because we have a highly skilled and experienced team with shared values that sit at the core of our everyday work. We uphold our values in macro business considerations and micro human interactions.

Our values underpin the way we do business and are the lens through which we evaluate ourselves. A deep and shared cultural identity means that our team members are highly engaged in our mission to pioneer thermal technology.

We foster development, and love working with our customers, who trust us as the innovators in our field. We are strong, we’re growing, and we are the global leaders in AM thermal technology. 

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This is a cornerstone of what we do. We are pioneers and therefore must be creative in all aspects.

We workshop concepts and solutions. We challenge tradition and push beyond what is possible.

We idealise originality and innovation. We seek out and embrace new technology to advance our vision.


We strive for excellence. We achieve high performance by focusing on excellence and refusing to accept mediocrity.

We welcome feedback and constructive criticism to drive excellence.

We put our ego aside in the pursuit of excellence. We are successful through delivering top quality results as individuals and as a group.


We aim to be worthy of trust in all that we do.

We build relationships with our customers and stakeholders that foster a foundation of trust.

We trust that our company mission and values will guide the best decisions, behaviours and outcomes.


We do what we say we will. We always aim to provide the best possible outcome for the customer and Conflux.

Our business structure, our team, our people and our products focus on having a core strength and adaptability.

We always consider the ethics of the future.


We respect difference. Our different positions and strengths make us more than the sum of parts.

We listen mindfully, seeking to understand not queuing to speak.

We challenge the ideas not the person, and we do so with reason.


We respect that only with each other, can Conflux produce excellence.

We are there to help each other when under pressure.

We form an organised entity that is more than the sum of its parts.

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