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Our expert team have been working in AM for over 20 years. We are true specialists with a deep understanding of designing for this technology and the capabilities to drive performance and outcomes.

Working at the forefront of this incredible technology, we learn and grow through each discovery. You can leverage this expertise through the unique opportunity our senior-by-design team offers, with direct access to our design engineers, physics modellers and AM gurus working on your challenging applications.

Our team publish widely, you can read more on metal additive manufacturing by subscribing to our eNews or following us on Linkedin.

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“The team here is world class and I’m astounded, daily, at the quality of the solutions we bring to our customers.

From across the globe, customers come to us with heat transfer challenges that we meet with first-principles engineering design.

Our additively manufactured heat exchange solutions are as diverse as the problems presented.”

Michael Fuller, CEO, Conflux Technology

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