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Electric Vehicles Thermal Solutions

Cooling solutions for electric vehicles

Ultra-high performance
Lighter, smaller and more effective - industry leading heat exchange in every way.
Configurable products
Harness the advantages of AM HX with compressed timeframes and low R&D costs, whilst meeting your packaging requirements
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Leverage our vertically integrated organisation to support verification, production readiness and serial production

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Across electric motorsport, high end automotive, autonomous vehicles and other performance industries we are leading innovation in additive manufactured heat exchangers

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Electric vehicle thermal applications

Battery thermal management 
Powertrain cooling
Transmission cooling
Motorwinding cooling 

HVAC heater
Heatsink / vapour chamber
Cold plate

Oil / water heat exchanger
Liquid/liquid heat exchanger
Air/Liquid heat exchanger
Electric vehicle heat exchanger

Electric vehicles and additive manufacturing

The possibilities of what additive manufacturing (AM) can deliver in terms of design, performance and production are now being investigated by electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers around the world. 

With the design flexibility that AM enables, EV manufacturers can achieve lighter weight and more compact heat exchangers. Time from design to build is substantially decreased, allowing for rapid prototyping straight into reliable serial production. 
Electric vehicles require both cooling and heating to maintain battery temperatures at the optimum window to ensure performance and range.  Additive manufacturing opportunities for thermal control in EV is a topic we discuss in this article

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Partner with Conflux to realise these benefits:

  • Higher Performance through a combination of AM-enabled three dimensional surface geometries and an ever present drive for thinner walls
  • Lighter weight offering first order efficiencies for both motorsport and automotive
  • Smaller / conformal shapes that offer packaging options unobtainable with traditional manufacturing
  • Part consolidation - the amalgamation of components and sub-assemblies have positive impacts on the entire supply chain from ordering to handling, storage and dispatch of finished articles

    Learn more about our Cartridge, a compact 3D printed heat exchanger ideal for transmission cooling applications

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