Australian Additive Manufacturing links with Germany

At the heart of Industry 4.0 are platform technologies such as Additive Manufacturing (AM). Leading organisations have identified this and are utilising the unique characteristics offered by AM to achieve competitive advantage in both product performance and innovation speed. The remaining majority now risk falling behind, as they struggle to match AM driven advances, due to a lack of internal curiosity, innovation capability and a subsequent inability to integrate AM into existing processes.

To overcome this hurdle, organisations must look to leaders in AM to guide them towards the horizon. Through their AM consulting arm, Conflux Technology audits an organisation’s current product offerings and development capabilities and crucially identifies short, medium and long-term value opportunities through the adoption of AM. There are inherent business model implications with AM and taming an organisation’s expectations is just the first step. Conflux Technology works with customers through pain-point identification, solution ideation, concept development and selection, engineering design and simulation, prototype production and validation testing. The demonstration of low-volume serial production is carried out by Conflux Technology prior to a process of knowledge transfer and AM capacity building within an organisation’s existing supply chain. This reduces technology adoption risk and addresses a vital capability gap, thus allowing organisations to realise AM’s potential.

The Conflux CoreTM heat exchanger is an example of what is achievable. Leveraging the geometric freedoms of AM, structural efficiencies have been achieved whilst a high surface area density, combined with optimised fluid pathways, produces a high thermal exchange, low-weight, low-pressure drop-heat exchanger. The performance advantages were achieved within a rapid development timeline and with a minimum of prototype iterations. With no tooling implications to consider, multiple variants can be manufactured simultaneously. This AM implementation is just one example of a rapidly expanding market, that is seizing the numerous advantages of AM led product development, such as dramatically improved design freedom, iteration speed and efficiency.

The increased geometric complexity, achievable by way of AM, creates numerous opportunities for advancements in product performance. These complexities are achieved whilst simultaneously reducing part count with hybrid-function designs, and with that, locations of potential failure. The downstream opportunities are not limited to procurement optimisation, service streamlining and decentralised, near-point-of-use production. This unlocks resources which can be aimed towards expanding an organisations capability, increasing risk-appetite, fostering creativity and ultimately accelerating rates of advancement.

Conflux Technology was established in Australia due to the founder, Michael Fuller, growing up in Melbourne. Having worked closely with and for German organisations in the past, Michael knew that the leaders in metal AM were based in Krailling, Munich. EOS GmbH and sister company AM Ventures are the pioneers of metal AM technology, materials and ecosystem development. AMVentures have made an investment in Conflux Technology who now have the backing of the world’s leading metal AM technology group.

Conflux Technology has also developed a strong strategic partnership network in Australia. A close association with the CSIRO ( has seen the Conflux CoreTM mathematically modelled using CSIRO’s significant Computational Fluid Dynamics capabilities and the opportunity to commercialise AM specific applications together. Deakin University has supported Conflux Technology through the ‘valley-of-death’ startup phase, giving access to offices, workshop facilities and now are planning joint AM materials R&D.

One of the limits-to-growth for industrial AM has been identified as a lack of skilled and experienced people. Conflux Technology is working on an education program to accelerate the development of the next generation of AM engineers. Whilst currently in development, this program will focus specifically on AM, providing post graduate engineers with the opportunity to specialise in this rapidly expanding field.

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Conflux Technology Expands With New Appointments in Preparation for 2018


Geelong, Victoria: Australian start-up, Conflux Technology, has made several appointments following a recent investment by the Additive Manufacturing (AM) investment firm, AM Ventures Holding GmbH.  Conflux now greets their increasing customer enquiry with the best team possible, laying the foundation for future success. The executive positions cover Design Engineering, Research & Development, Business Development and Finance/Administration. Underpinning the executive team, the final Board position has been filled with the appointment of an experienced Independent Director.

Conflux Technology founder and CEO, Michael Fuller, had this to say. “We have managed to attract world class people to Conflux Technology.  The breadth of skills and depth of experience in this launch team is both our foundation and scaffold for growth.  I’m very humbled to work alongside professionals of this calibre and our customer/partners are already reaping the benefits. The Board is complete, and Conflux Technology now has a rich blend of entrepreneurial and independent directors with domain expertise across our value chain.   Conflux is a sharply focussed AM applications company. I’m thrilled that we are already solving complex thermal and fluid problems whilst reducing our customers’ technology risks and smoothing the adoption of Additive Manufacturing.” 

Glenn Rees, who joins Conflux in the role of Head of Engineering, has 20 years of motorsport engineering experience, most recently as Chief Design Engineer at Prodrive Racing Australia. Glenn is a world class engineering manager who has lead cross-disciplinary teams and held ultimate responsibility for the design of complete vehicles.  With race victories and championship successes across the globe, Glenn brings a winning formula to Conflux Technology.

“It’s no coincidence that high end motorsport has been an early adopter of AM technology. To be competitive requires constant innovation, rapid development and well-engineered solutions. I’m very excited to bring this approach to Conflux Technology and to use AM to help deliver a competitive advantage for our customers.” - Glenn Rees

Kevin Hazlehurst joins Conflux as Head of Research & Development.  Kevin’s PhD was focused on the adoption of AM laser melting technology for a medical application.  His 4 years of post-doc experience have seen him develop technical and commercial expertise in the design and implementations of AM technology at a systems level, across a broad range of industries.  Kevin has previously worked with both EOS GmbH and Renishaw plc and brings to Conflux a unique blend of deep technical expertise and commercial acumen.

“I’m extremely pleased to have joined Conflux in its start-up phase and I’m really excited by the work that lies ahead. Our team at Conflux maybe small at present, however, it is unique in possessing all of the necessary core competences that will enable Conflux to solve complex AM problems in technologically advanced industries.” - Kevin Hazlehurst

Conflux Technology’s new Head of Business Development, Ben Batagol, arrives from Australian based AM service bureau, Amaero, where he managed global sales, marketing and business development. Ben was instrumental in developing Amaero, from a start-up through to a leading provider of AM bureau services globally.  Ben’s 17 years of commercial expertise within the aerospace, defence and biomedical sectors sees Conflux Technology make a strong statement to these industries. 

“I am thrilled to be joining this dynamic team to assist in catapulting Conflux forward.  I see huge potential in the rapidly evolving demand for applications based AM solutions, combined with Conflux’s deep understanding of thermal and fluid programs for global markets.” - Ben Batagol

Chartered Accountant, Sam Gascoigne has stepped into the role of Head of Finance and Administration, bringing a wide range of expertise including strategic planning, analysis, oversight, forecasting and process improvement. Sam also has assumed the role of Company Secretary with the Board relying on him for advice ranging from statutory duties, corporate governance and effective board processes. 

“I am very excited to join the Conflux team. I look forward to building lean systems to future-proof our internal processes; ensuring compliance, creating governance structures and assisting Conflux to realise its potential through robust financial management and strategic oversight.” - Sam Gascoigne

Further strengthening the direction of Conflux Technology, Max Gillard has joined the Board as anIndependent Director. Max spent 40 years working for Toyota, most recently as President & CEO of Toyota Technical Centre Asia Pacific (Australia), and brings a wealth of Board and management experience in automotive, product development and advanced technologies. 

“I believe that Conflux Technology is a truly innovative Company that has much to offer its Customers and Industry at large. The recently announced appointments will secure its foundation and future and ensure its success. I am very pleased to be appointed to the Board where I can share and utilise my experience gained as a Board Member and Development Engineer.” - Max Gillard

About Conflux Technology
Conflux Technology is an Additive Manufacturing applications company focussed on delivering innovative solutions to thermal and fluid challenges. The knowledge gained through the process of developing the patented Conflux CoreTM heat exchanger, sees Conflux Technology help organisations leverage the advantages of AM solutions in their own thermal and fluid system challenges.  Conflux helps customers reduce technology risk on their AM journey and engineer solutions that ensure competitive advantages are embedded during their transition to Industry 4.0.

AM-Ventures Makes Significant Investment in Conflux Technology


10th July 2017 - Geelong, Victoria: AM Ventures Holding GmbH (AMV), sister company of EOS GmbH, has made a significant investment in Australian based Additive Manufacturing (AM) operation Conflux Technology. This investment is an acknowledgement of Conflux Technology’s expertise in the functional applications of metal AM specialising in thermal components.  The Conflux Technology engineering team has a combined 30 years of design for Additive Manufacturing (AM) and development experience.  AM Ventures and Conflux Technology are launching this partnership with the patent pending Conflux CoreTM heat exchanger that has broad industry applications and represents the next generation in high efficiency thermal management technologies.


Marking a step change in Australia’s AM capabilities and the validation of Federal Government innovation policy, this continued growth of the local Advanced Manufacturing industry has been assisted through partnership with the CSIRO and Deakin University.


CEO and Founder, Michael Fuller has a clear vision for Conflux Technology’s role in the industry; ”The advent of metal Additive Manufacturing is a global phenomenon.  With metal AM growth running at 40%CAGR, Conflux Technology is perfectly positioned to assist businesses across multiple industry sectors realise this potential.  The Conflux CoreTM heat exchanger technology is the perfect demonstration of our capabilities, and now, with the support from our partners AM Ventures and technical leadership of EOS, we look forward to expanding our reach and facilitating the growth of Additive Manufacturing.”


AMV’s Director of Business Development, Arno Held, is excited about an excellent addition to the company’s portfolio: ”We are particularly happy about this opportunity, as the Conflux team has impressively demonstrated how well it understands metal AM technology. Complex structures in challenging environments require not only the highest standard of machine technology to produce parts but also the best engineering skills to design the right products. Conflux’ capabilities will become a great addition to our already excellent portfolio of Additive Manufacturing related companies.


About AM Ventures

AM Ventures Holding GmbH (AMV) is an independent, strategic investor focusing on Advanced Manufacturing in general and industrial 3D Printing in particular. The company was founded by Dr. Hans J. Langer, CEO of the EOS Group, in 2015. With the aim of making industrial 3D Printing a key manufacturing technology of the future, AMV funds and develops innovative start-ups which focus on industrial-3D-Printing-related hardware, software, materials or applications. AMV also establishes and operates production sites based on Additive Manufacturing for specific and mass produced applications. Moreover, the company provides Start-upswith unique access to the technologies, expert know-how and the business network of the Langer group – such as EOS, the global technology leader for industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers and ScanLab, the technology leader for high-precision scanning systems.


About Conflux Technology

Conflux Technology is an Advanced Manufacturing operation focused on the design, development and serial production of parts utilising direct metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. With over 30 years of AM design and development experience, Conflux Technology are experts in helping various organisations leverage the advantages of AM solutions, including thermal management with its patent pending Conflux CoreTM heat exchanger.

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