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Air to Liquid Heat Exchangers

Efficient air-to-liquid heat exchangers for superior thermal management solutions. Enhance performance with our cutting-edge technology.

Superior Thermal Exchange

Enhanced surface area density to volume ratio results in significantly higher thermal exchange performance, ensuring efficient heat transfer for your critical applications.

Optimized Flow Efficiency

Micro-structures and complex internal geometries ensure low pressure drop, enhancing system performance through efficient, smooth fluid flow and optimal heat transfer.


Monolithic designs not only significantly reduce overall weight but also simplify maintenance with fewer parts to manage, streamlining system serviceability.


Morphed topology offers unmatched design freedom. Tailored to fit available spaces, providing flexibility in form factor and enabling seamless integration into a wide range of systems.

Flexible design, rapidly configured to your requirements

Designed and manufactured to your exact performance requirements. With Design for Serial Additive Manufacturing (DfSAM), we're able to quickly adapt designs for flexibility in form factor, while maintaining optimal heat transfer.

Diverse applications, unmatched performance

Our heat exchangers are versatile and designed for efficiency across various applications:

  • Liquid to Gas exchange
  • Water/Glycol/Dielectric fluid systems
  • Oil to Air solutions

Optimized for a range of industries

Whether you're in aviation, automotive, motorsport, military, defence, or working with electric vehicles, industrial machinery, computing, electronics, or environmental/HVAC systems, our products are engineered to enhance performance in your field.

At Conflux Technology, your requirements are the blueprint for our innovation. Let us help you redefine efficiency in your industry.

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Argon Gas Heat Exchangers for AMCM's Metal 3D Printing Machines

In their pursuit of advancing additive manufacturing, AMCM, a leading provider of customized metal 3D printing machines, aimed to enhance the thermal management and performance of their flagship M 4K printer.

To meet the demands of extended build times and high-speed processing of challenging materials like copper, AMCM turned to Conflux Technology for an improved heat exchanger.
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"We at AMCM are impressed with the performance of the heat exchanger. It keeps the temperature of the argon gas at a very constant level, which not only increases the quality of the components, but also benefits the overall thermal management and performance of the M4K. The pressure drop was even lower than we expected, which is impressive considering the compact design."

Ulrich Schmid, System Developer at AMCM

Spotlight on Success: The Conflux Water Charge Air Cooler (WCAC)

Our water charge air cooler design (WCAC) perfectly encapsulates 'the Conflux difference' – an ultra-high performance, scalable and configurable 3D printed metal heat exchanger designed to meet unique boundary conditions, performance, and packaging requirements.

  • Witness a remarkable ~40% weight reduction compared to traditional microtube heat exchangers.
  • Achieve an astounding 82% reduction in water side pressure drop and a 24% reduction in air side pressure drop.
  • Benefit from a more compact design with a 15% smaller core volume, optimizing space without sacrificing performance.

Ready to dive deeper into this transformative technology? Click to explore the full case study and see how Conflux is revolutionizing efficiency in heat exchangers.

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