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Conflux Water Charge Air Cooler

Get in front of the competition with a WCAC that only additive manufacturing can deliver.

Superior Thermal Exchange

Enhanced surface area density to volume ratio results in significantly higher thermal exchange performance, ensuring efficient heat transfer for your critical applications.

Optimized Flow Efficiency

Micro-structures and complex internal geometries ensure low pressure drop, enhancing system performance through efficient, smooth fluid flow and optimal heat transfer.


Monolithic designs not only significantly reduce overall weight but also simplify maintenance with fewer parts to manage, streamlining system serviceability.


Morphed topology offers unmatched design freedom. Tailored to fit available spaces, providing flexibility in form factor and enabling seamless integration into a wide range of systems.


An elite heat exchanger

Our ultra-high performance WCAC delivers significant reductions in core volume, air-side pressure drop and weight.

When benchmarked against the leading microtube WCAC, for the same heat transfer we saw:

82% reduction in water side pressure drop
39% reduction in wet weight
24% reduction in air-side pressure drop
15% smaller core volume

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Adaptable design

Our design process facilitates scaling, configuration, and the manufacture of heat exchangers unique to your boundary conditions, performance and packaging requirements.

Complex Internal Geometries

Complex geometries and micro features unachievable with traditional manufacturing drive the core performance, alongside fins and thin wall designs that accomodate the changing fluid dynamics throughout the heat exchanger.

Optimised Fluid Distribution

The high surface area to mass ratio inside the core is enhanced by a holistic design that optimises fluid distribution and flow, providing more heat exchange per unit of weight or volume.

See how our WCAC performed against a leading microtube WCAC

The Conflux WCAC is designed to be configured. Conflux can deliver a test part to you quickly utilising our rapid sizing process, based on your boundary conditions.

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