Conflux Technology specialises in the use of metal AM to achieve gains in heat exchange and fluid flow applications

We use metal AM to create detailed geometries that cannot be manufactured using any other method.

The outcomes of this method are adjusted to suit the application, but can include:

  • Step change increases in efficiency
  • Reduction of mass
  • Reduction of size for better packaging
  • Simplified manufacturing processes
  • Reduction in lead times
  • Reduction in inventory

Our advantage

We combine the specialist knowledge of thermal and fluid flow engineering, with
experience and expertise in metal AM manufacture. This allows us to deep dive into customer problems and provide comprehensive thermal and fluid solutions.

We are able to offer our clients focused end-to-end project management, from benchmarking existing installations, through design, simulation and optimisation and on to part build, testing and production.

Conflux Technology Service Process.png

Our Process

We design highly complex geometries through our specialist Design for AM methodology that maximises thermal and fluid transfer potential. This geometry is then subjected to an extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation that models the fluid flow and thermal transfer characteristics.

Through this process, performance characteristics are optimised within a rapid development timeline and a minimum number of physical prototypes.

The final design is then subject to a rigorous build, laboratory and in-field testing program to confirm both quality and performance.

...the Conflux team has impressively demonstrated how well it understands metal AM technology. Complex structures in challenging environments require not only the highest standard of machine technology to produce parts, but also the best engineering skills to design the right products.
— Arno Held, Director of Business Development (AM Ventures)