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Optimizing Thermal Management for a Sustainable Electrified Mobility Future

As the mobility industry shifts towards a greener future, the focus on electrification and effective thermal management solutions is paramount. Electric vehicles (EVs) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft are at the forefront of this transformation, requiring innovative thermal management to meet sustainability goals.

Effective thermal management is critical in maximizing the efficiency of electric vehicles and aircraft. It plays a pivotal role in converting electrical energy stored in batteries into mechanical energy efficiently. Superior thermal management solutions ensure lower energy losses, leading to a significant increase in the range and lifespan of the powertrain. This translates into longer distances traveled by vehicles and extended range capabilities for aircraft, all while maintaining optimal performance.

Achieving Range and High Efficiency in Electric Mobility

Electric vehicles (EVs) and aircraft are transforming our approach to transportation, aiming to become everyday mediums for medium to long distance journeys. In this electrified era, range emerges as a crucial performance differentiator. This has spurred rapid advancements in powertrain technology, with manufacturers embracing new materials and innovative techniques to enhance efficiencies.

Today's lithium-ion battery packs are reaching impressive efficiency levels, complemented by high-performance electric motors and inverters with peak efficiencies. Yet, these remarkable efficiency rates are contingent upon maintaining components within their optimal temperature ranges. Deviations from these ranges can lead to reduced battery cell efficiency, demagnetization of motor magnets, and degradation of inverter materials.

Maintaining the powertrain within its ideal temperature window is not just beneficial but essential for optimal performance. This necessitates a groundbreaking approach to thermal management solutions in electric mobility.

Why Additive Manufacturing is Transforming Thermal Management in Mobility

Additive manufacturing is a game-changer in the mobility sector, offering transformative benefits for years. It's a staple in racing, where teams print thousands of parts annually to optimize weight and aerodynamics. Similarly, in aviation, 3D printing accelerates prototyping for wind tunnel models.

The advantages of additive manufacturing in this context are numerous:
  • Complex internal geometries that significantly improve heat transfer.
  • Bespoke, space-efficient shapes can be printed that integrate seamlessly with existing components.
  • Lightweight yet robust structures, offering minimal pressure drop.
  • Cost-effective alternative to conventional heat exchangers.
  • Fabricate complex monolithic structures in a single printing process.

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