Conflux Technology's first patented additive manufactured heat exchanger design

C H A L L E N G E - To create a higher performing, lighter weight heat exchanger for Formula One

This is the story about the foundation on which Conflux Technology was built – our first patented design – a gamechanger at the time of its inception, and one from where we’ve now progressed in leaps and bounds. As evidence of the potential of additive manufacturing (AM) in heat exchangers, this first design enabled us to make our mark on the world-stage and further the progression of AM technology across many industries.

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  • 3 x higher performance of heat rejection
  • 1/3 pressure drop
  • 22% less weight
  • Optimum form factor, 55mm smaller
  • Monolithic structure - integrated functions, reduced part count & assembly costs, no joints or welds

    *When benchmarked against a traditionally manufactured motorsport heat exchanger

    This table shows the heat rejection of Conflux Technology’s first patented design compared with a traditionally manufactured F1 benchmark heat exchanger.