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Conflux Technology is currently active within the Green Hydrogen field. A rewarding endeavor for all involved.

Most have heard of green hydrogen, some understand what it is and how it’s made and stored. For those who don’t - Green Hydrogen is a branch of green energy that’s made from water by splitting H2O molecules by way of electrolysis, extracting the hydrogen, and leaving only oxygen as the byproduct.

Green hydrogen is beginning to be seen in some uses but it's still not in the mainstream as a power source. We will likely see it used first to help decarbonise sectors that are hard to electrify e.g., steel and cement production, aircraft, and heavy vehicles.

We have been successfully involved in the steps of production, conversion, and use, but being thermal experts, it is in the cooling step where we add the most value. To condense the hydrogen into liquid, where it can be used as the fuel, you need to cool it down via a multi-step process to nearly -200°c. This process can be made more efficient with additive manufactured heat exchangers.

One of the main hurdles to green hydrogen becoming ‘mainstream’ is cost; production, conversion, and storage. Currently, the cost to produce and convert hydrogen varies due to the power behind processing it i.e., from wind to nuclear. However, these costs will greatly reduce over the next decade due to the world's investment in green energy and continuing technological growth.

Conflux Technology is proud to be involved with this advancement of human endeavor.

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