Gilbert Harvey is our Senior Additive Manufacturer Engineer at Conflux Technology. Innovation sometimes means having to push the boundaries of our tools i.e. figuring out the space between what they were designed for and what they can actually do. We are very lucky to have Gilbert on our team, a humble person with a deep well of AM experience. His knowledge of the process and the equipment we use is a great benefit to our designs/solutions engineers, ultimately leading to the fulfilment of our clients and partners needs.

“My name is Gilbert Harvey, I’m a Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer at Conflux Technology. My role is everything that goes into CAD and all the way out to a completely finished and tested product.
My processes involve consulting with the CAD engineers to figure out what can and can’t be built, right down to the data preparation and support strategies creation, to producing final and tested path.

I believe that traditional style heat exchanges have already reached their peak in performance, and that’s through many evolutionary cycles over many decades. The heat exchangers that we make on EOS MT 90 behind me, we create gas tight thin walls, much thinner than is usually possible on these machines.

These printers are typically used for creating general lattice structures and brackets for spaceships and plants, but not typically for these, are the optimal structures I’ve just mentioned. In doing those, we have to really push the boundaries of what’s possible on these machines by creating custom parameter sets and scan strategies.”

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