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Additive Manufacturing is no doubt a wonderful technology that has allowed Conflux Technology to unlock new levels of thermal management efficiency with its additive manufacturing specific heat exchangers. Recently AMPOWER released a report on start-ups in AM and the failure rates that companies face. The APAC region had the highest failure rate globally at 93%! This is not a surprise to Conflux, as a great deal of time in the early life of the company was spent analysing and understanding the value proposition of Additive Manufacturing of heat exchangers. Even after this analysis was carried out, mapping the value proposition across various target market vertical pain points was an in depth process.

The report talks about market maturity and the ability for additive manufacturing companies to generate revenue in a suitable timeframe. In Australia, the AM market is still in its infancy with some success stories, but almost all those companies that have engineered their successes, have done so by expanding their market focus beyond the borders of Australia. Conflux Technology is no different and has found great success throughout Asia, Europe and North America. Based on Conflux’s market analysis it is evident that, to fulfil our potential, a global focus is the only choice.

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