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Material Testing At Conflux

Maintaining the right balance between commercial work and R&D is extremely important. At Conflux we are continuing to push the capabilities of standard additive manufacturing alloys. This continued ch

Cost Efficiencies and AM

Cost efficiency is always a big topic, and for our clients, particularly right now. Conflux Technology-designed heat exchangers create cost efficiency for various reasons across many different industr

ISO9001:2015 Accreditation

We’re happy to report we are now an ISO 9001 certified company By integrating ISO 9001 into our company, Conflux creates a practical and workable management system for improving and monitoring all are

What is Conflux Quantify?

Conflux Quantify® is our proprietary quality control software. We developed it specifically due to our heat exchanger geometries and our manufacturing being so unique. The key benefits of Conf

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